Reiki for Dementia was born out of necessity during my time caring for elders in our community. I have had the honour of befriending and supporting some very interesting characters, of which most were over the age of ninety and/or with Dementia.

I had been practising Reiki on myself, close friends and family for a number of years by this time and could recognise the feeling when Reiki is bursting and eager to connect.

My career as a carer started by chance, my first experience was in a care home where I visited a resident three times a week for an hour. The visit coincided with snack time. Unable to feed herself, I was given the task of supporting her to drink her cup of tea and eat her biscuit. As time passed the visits became more and more about Reiki.

Intuitively, we connected and every week a little progress was made. Nurses and carers would comment on how calmer and responsive to carers she was, allowing them to wash and dress her without a fight. I witnessed her body relax with every sigh and deep breath taken. Stretching her mangled legs and arms, after long periods of time in the fetal position. Since then, Reiki has played a fundamental role in easing the way for a number of elders I have cared for and not aways in the conventional setting as some may be used to, rather more bespoke and adaptable to the needs of the receiver.

At the time I'd also had no understanding of dementia. So. As you do. I embarked on a journey of discovery. I became a 'friend of dementia' run by the Azheimers Society, and further down the line, with experience and study under my belt, I am now qualified in supporting persons with Alzheimers/Dementia on a physical, spiritual, emotional and cultural level, with confidence.


Over time it made perfect sense and before long I introduced light massage and exercise, crystals and aromatherapy oils, music and colour activities. 


Usui Reiki Master Practitioner + Dementia Specialist in Elderly Care